Virtualization of IT resources (VMware)

We offer solutions that allow the use older applications and its transfer to the new  IT environment – easier to use and more reliableVirtualization of IT resources is a key technology necessary to build solutions working in the form clouds. Its primary aim is to separate services - applications and operating systems - from machines on which these services are running. Applications implemented on standard servers use on average 20 - 40% of their resources.

Server virtualization allows you to run on standard machine many virtual servers. This solution allows for more efficient use of hardware.

Virtualization solves so the biggest blemish on the IT department - with a limited budget enables you to deliver new services required by internal and external customers.

The benefits of implementation, consolidation and virtualization of servers:

  • lowering TCO through increased use, 
  • hardware and server consolidations,
  • reduction in the physical number of devices by introducing,
  • virtual hardware resources,
  • increasing the availability of software and continuity,
  • business regardless of hardware and operating systems,
  • improve response to business needs by dynamically optimizing the software environment,
  • interoperability of existing systems with new IT environments. 

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